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Don't tell me women are not the stuff of heroes.

Just me being cynical, or hopeful. Or both.

12 September
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  • sour_idealist@livejournal.com
Hi. I'm sour-idealist, also know as Queen of Dreaming on YouTube, the Pit, and DevArt. This alias is also in use on Tumblr.

Links aside, I'm far more active on this blog than I am anywhere else; here, I post fanfic, original fiction, snippets and blather about my own life, the occasional quasi-sociopolitical rant, links to other people's sociopolitical rants, links to other people's fanfic, and so forth and so on. I greatly enjoy talking/debating/fangirling, most of the time. If you're interested in seeing any of that, feel free to friend me, with or without saying hello. (If you do the latter, I'll probably drop by your journal for a greeting anyway.) I tend to drift from fandom to fandom a bit, or hop around in multiples at once, or randomly wander back into old ones; it's pretty random. I also have a tendency to randomly write things for fandoms that are long-dead or mostly nonexistent.

In terms of slightly more serious things about myself: um, white bisexual able-bodied liberal-leaning cis woman. (Also Christian.) I do try not to let the privileges related to that go to my head, but I'm still learning how, and I probably mess up more than I know. If you catch one of those errors, of course feel free to let me know. (I mean, not like you'd need my permission, but I promise to try to respond gracefully and fix the problem if possible.)